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Sun Feb 15 11:45:29 EST 2015

when i was in grad school at the u of minnesota, jonas salk gave a
convocation address...i ran to hear him, and see him.
yes, a true hero.  (i would not cross the street to see a
movie star or an athlete, colonel yeager...i ran...to shake his
hand.  he was stepping off the wing of `glamorous glennis` his
p51...at the osh kosh fly in..`

dr. salk said...and i always remember...`to find the cure for polio
i had to get off the bus that had seated all the people looking for the
cure...all on the same bus, going down the same highway.

`when i got off the bus, i was in a small town in iowa
and i found the cure behind a hardware store, in a dumpster.`

that really impressed me.  don't look where everyone else is
looking...find your own direction.
it is a metaphor for doing art and craft. or for just being an alive 
clear thinking
few people understand just how awful polio was.  it hit some
of my friends...i feared waking with my legs useless.

from: minnetonka, mn
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