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I was one of the 1.8 million school children who were on the trials in Canada and the U.S.  The first mass production was developed by the U of T under the supervision of Dr. Salk's supervision. It was quite a day at our school.  I would be about twelve years old.  I remember all of us lined up in the school hallways.  The injection did not hurt at all.  Sadly my brother-law did not get his shot in time .  He came down with Polio.  He survived but now has a great deal of difficulty walking.  Yet he plays a mean game of golf.

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> when i was in grad school at the u of minnesota, jonas salk gave a
> convocation address...i ran to hear him, and see him.
> yes, a true hero.  (i would not cross the street to see a
> movie star or an athlete, colonel yeager...i ran...to shake his
> hand.  he was stepping off the wing of `glamorous glennis` his
> p51...at the osh kosh fly in..`
> dr. salk said...and i always remember...`to find the cure for polio
> i had to get off the bus that had seated all the people looking for the
> cure...all on the same bus, going down the same highway.
> `when i got off the bus, i was in a small town in iowa
> and i found the cure behind a hardware store, in a dumpster.`
> that really impressed me.  don't look where everyone else is
> looking...find your own direction.
> it is a metaphor for doing art and craft. or for just being an alive clear thinking
> human.
> mel
> few people understand just how awful polio was.  it hit some
> of my friends...i feared waking with my legs useless.
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