[Clayart] Flame movers

Dannon Rhudy via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Wed Feb 18 18:29:44 EST 2015

Jim, I fired one of the small torchbearers for a couple of
years.  The local high school teacher couldn't get hers to
fire properly, and asked me to come fire it a few times.

I found the center burner an annoyance, too.  It could
be made to work, and a lot of the problems with that small
kiln seemed to be that it got fired too fast, and it made
for uneven heat.  To deal  with the center burner, I took
a soft brick, made a hole in the center with a hole saw,
then made holes in the sides of the brick with just a
hand brace and bit; used a half-inch bit.  Actually took
a couple tries, because I broke the first one.  I placed
the soft brick over the burner hole, and laid a piece of kiln
shelf over the brick, slightly lifted with a couple of
smaller pieces of shelf on the long sides of my soft
brick.  Then, I just used the shortest kiln posts
I had to place the two bottom shelves just slightly
higher than my "fix it".  Those two bottom shelves just
stayed there, and any adjustments for wares were made
on the higher shelves.  That fixed a number of problems,
and I had no trouble with the kiln thereafter.  Fired 
it several times, and oversaw the teacher doing it a few
more.  Was a great little kiln, but did have to be fired
more slowly than the "directions" indicated.  I could
think of tidier ways to flare that center burner flame
after I made the device I used, but - nothing ever happened
to it, so I did not make a less complicated fix.  Just
let it be, and it worked fine.  The teacher had only an
electric kiln previously, and no experience with gas.
So a little learning curve, but she learned to love that
little monster.  She was very fond of copper reds, and
shinos - got lots of nice ones from that kiln.


Dannon Rhudy

Jim said:
A bigger problem I have is that the smaller Torchbearer  (23 inch diam) has
a 3-burner configuration, all in a row, which puts a burner in the center
of the kiln, necessitating split shelves and putting flame right on the
center of the ware, producing very uneven heating because all the burners
are in a line down the middle.  I get a LOT of warping 

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