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    I fire my lids separatly for my canisters and together for my lidded bowls. It really depends on the type of lid you are making. 
    Randall Moodywrandallmoody.com

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Dear Clayart:I've been making a lot of covered jars lately. I've always fired them with lids in place. Stoneware, cone 10, gas.I'm careful applying wax resist, and even more careful glazing. I don't often have a lid that I can't remove afterfiring - although sometimes I struggle, and occasionally lose one. Once cool, I give the rim a sharp solid tap witha wooden hammer handle, and they pop off (usually). But in general, they make me nervous.Does anyone on the list successfully  fire lids separately from the pot? (It seems that any warping would throwone piece or the other out of round anyway - thus creating an imperfect or impossible fit.)I will give this a try in my next firing, but wanted to find out if it's something any of you do regularly.Thank you in advance for any answers or comments.Janine in TacomaMAILMAN_MIMEDEFANG WRAP_______________________________________________Clayart mailing listClayart at lists.clayartworld.comhttp://lists.clayartworld.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/clayartMAILMAN_MIMEDEFANG

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