[Clayart] Glaze SG question

Paul Herman via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Fri Feb 27 15:32:40 EST 2015


From your description below, it sounds like the glaze in question may have an overcharge of CMC, gum or some kind of polymer in it. Do you have a formula for the glaze, or is it a commercial glaze with a secret recipe?

Paul Herman

Great Basin Pottery
Doyle California
potterpaul at frontiernet.net

On Feb 27, 2015, at 10:46 AM, Joe Brecha via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com> wrote:

> Several of the glazes are NOT drying on the bisque ware with sufficient
> rapidity to prevent entire sections of glaze to continue reacting to
> gravity once the item has been righted and placed on the table, tongues
> removed. Many of the pieces remain wet to the touch for many minutes. These
> are not errant drips, but rather entire surfaces that flow down the form.

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