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…. how many
'kilns are turned off at less than cone 10 because the potter is tired
and pissed off?

At my house? Every time I fire. I fire to ^6. <G>

I’m still working on getting the Olympic to fire evenly. I used 12” posts for flame baffles this last time. Put a post on its side on the shelf. End of the post almost touching the kiln wall. This was done over all 4 burner openings. Two on the bottom shelf, other two on the middle shelf. I will get this kiln figured out. Alas, the posts didn’t solve the problem. I do like the idea of a flame baffle, so I’ll be doing that again when I glaze fire. I have been pushing the damper across the hole in the lid a little bit. I’m thinking I need to get a tad more aggressive with the damper. I’ve fired ^6 reduction several times and I do like what it does to the glazes. I want to try to hit a point where there’s enough back pressure to keep the heat in (I’m getting about a 3 cone difference between top and bottom shelves) but not enough to get reduction. 

I will get this kiln figured out. At the moment, I’m working on figuring out how to glaze the experimental sculptures. The sculptures are based on a scanning electro-micrograph of a single cell plant found only in Antarctica. I have accoutrements on the sculptures and a shelf full of Potters Choice glazes. I’m thinking one glaze for the background and two glazes for the accoutrements. I’m also thinking of using the cobalt wash that I bought for an absurdly low price on the accoutrements with clear over the top and a colored glaze on the rest of the sculpture. Guess I need to make 30 or so more experimental sculptures. I will get this sculpture figured out as well. It’s probably a really good thing my passion is microbiology rather than gross anatomy. I’d have an interesting time trying to figure out how to fire a coral reef. 

Oh, crap! Now I have coral reef yard art sculptures dancing in my head. And I have to be in court this morning. 

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