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Steve, I would suggest simply putting cold broken pieces of kiln shelf on
the hot shelf then placing the pots on those - less of a thermal shock.


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>Hi all!
>I have a question from Steve Lytle - his pots are breaking up when he
>tries to raku them a second time. Anyone have any experience?
>Feel free to contact him directly.
>I have been doing Raku for a while and have had very nice results.
>Recently, I have tried to do multiple firings.  When we set our pots
>on the hot shelf for the second round of firing, we have trouble with
>them cracking and falling apart.  I
>have been using high fire stoneware clay with good results.
>Do you think we should somehow temper our pots with a source of heat
>before the second firing?  Or is there some other advice you might
>provide.  Any help would
>be most appreciated!
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