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>I have been refiring Raku pots for years with very good luck, though I
would not recommend doing much of it. If you are doing it the clay body,
speed of the firing, and quickness of getting into post firing reduction 
is key. I have been using Lagunas WSO. It works exceptionally well.

Given that there is no longer control over the clay body I would suggest
preheating the pots, bringing them up slowly to cone and then going into
post firing reduction as quickly as you are able. It is the thermal shock
that is cracking the pieces, more than likely, and this can be mitigated
by putting the pots into cans quickly.

I would forgo any contact with water, until after the pieces have cooled
completely as well. Do not quench the pots. If the pots were quenched on
the first firing I wouldn't spend my time trying a second firing.

Hope this helps


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Hi all!
> I have a question from Steve Lytle - his pots are breaking up when he
> tries to raku them a second time. Anyone have any experience?
> Feel free to contact him directly.
> RR
> I have been doing Raku for a while and have had very nice results.
> Recently, I have tried to do multiple firings.  When we set our pots
> on the hot shelf for the second round of firing, we have trouble with
> them cracking and falling apart.  I
> have been using high fire stoneware clay with good results.
> Do you think we should somehow temper our pots with a source of heat
> before the second firing?  Or is there some other advice you might
> provide.  Any help would
> be most appreciated!
> Steve Lytle <steve at lakeweirpottery.com>
> Ron Roy
> ronroy at ca.inter.net
> Web page ronroy.net
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