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Very simple fix for this. 

1. I never set raku pieces directly on the shelf as it get hot real quick and after the first firing you are at risk of cracking pots sitting them right on a hot shelf. 

2. I have a bucket of broken shelf scraps and ALWAYS set one of these scraps on the the shelf and then put the pot on the scrap...then fire as usual. 

3. After each firing I swap out the HOT scraps for new COLD scraps 

Using this method you should crack very few pieces based upon the bottoms heating up too quick. 


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Hi all! 

I have a question from Steve Lytle - his pots are breaking up when he 
tries to raku them a second time. Anyone have any experience? 

Feel free to contact him directly. 


I have been doing Raku for a while and have had very nice results. 
Recently, I have tried to do multiple firings. When we set our pots 
on the hot shelf for the second round of firing, we have trouble with 
them cracking and falling apart. I 
have been using high fire stoneware clay with good results. 

Do you think we should somehow temper our pots with a source of heat 
before the second firing? Or is there some other advice you might 
provide. Any help would 
be most appreciated! 

Steve Lytle <steve at lakeweirpottery.com> 

Ron Roy 
ronroy at ca.inter.net 
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