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These days a lot of suppliers actually make a mix of white stoneware and
porcelain. The idea being that it's slightly easier to throw, but with some
of the qualities of porcelain.
In fact compared to the "old days" B-mix could be thought of as
semi-porcellanous. As Paul says, as long as you mix it up really well
(which you have from the sound of it), it should throw and fire very well!

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> I have begun to transition into porcelain from white stoneware.
> The early scraps are very to hard to separate one from another.
> It's all cone 10 clay so I have mixed up a slurry of both as a blend and
> have slathered it on a large plaster table top to make it dry into regular
> clay. I will then try to run it through my Petter Pugger Pugmill and see
> how it turns out..
> I just thought I would  talk clay with you - on a slow day -  without any
> real agenda. After all this is what we do. - Right? Talk about clay methods
> and challenges?
> Dan
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