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True, and sadly cone porcelain is cone six porcelaneous stoneware.
Terry working into a transition to a cone six white stoneware. 

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>> Is the transition from white stoneware to porcelain worth doing when the
>> clays are ^6? Is ^6 porcelain really porcelain?
> This is certainly a question I've asked myself several times over the
> years.
> My personal view is fairly hardline on this one ...
> The only reason to use porcelain is when the body really makes a difference
> to your glazes. One example that comes to mind is crystalline glazes (maybe
> Bill Schran will comment here).
> The other time is very translucent glazes. Copper reds and celadons (both
> reduction glazes) come to mind. For these glazes, I personally think that
> even US domestic porcelain isn't much better than a very white stoneware. A
> fine English China Clay or Limoges porcelain is a significant step up -
> this is due to very low levels of Titanium in the European kaolins. US
> domestic kaolins such as EPK or Georgia kaolins have significant amounts of
> titanium. This makes them visually much whiter, but much much less
> translucent, and it is the translucence that really sets porcelain apart
> (IMO - see Antoinette Badenhorst's (http://www.porcelainbyantoinette.com/)
> work to see see why! ). If you want a very white background (e.g. for
> brushwork), just use a white porcelain slip over any old whitish body.
> At Cone 6, getting the translucence is hard. I have heard that Laguna's
> Cone 6 Frost body is pretty good, but ... if your glazes don't look
> significantly better, why use it?
> I personally feel that too many people use porcelain purely so that they
> can tell customers it is porcelain, which is sadly an indication of
> cultural indoctrination (that porcelain is somehow better) rather than
> based on reality.
> Robert
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