[Clayart] Porcelain slip on platters cracking

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Video showing just how much extra clay you can add when using a deflocculant.

Regrads, Peter 

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I concur Cyndy. You need to deflocculate the slip to keep it
from cracking.
What deflocculation does is allow you to make a thicker
slip with less water that will still flow easily when you apply it.
Less water means less shrinkage on drying, hence no
David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

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> Hi Cyndy,
> I used to decorate platter with slip made from the same clay. I let  the 
> platters dry to about trimming hardness then slip trail - allow to  dry 
> for a day and then
> trim. I found I had to deflocculate the slip or the slip would crack.
> I can send you instructions on how I deflocced the slip.
> RR
> Quoting Cyndy Shorter via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com>:
>> Hey all! I am attempting to slip decorate large platters. I use the
>> trimmings from my porcelain to make slip. So I am staying in the same 
>> clay
>> body. Vases, pitchers, and anything else vertical, no issues. But large
>> platters are getting frustrating. I wrap in plastic and dry as slow as
>> possible, but still get cracks. I slip immediately following throwing, so 
>> I
>> am reasonably close in moisture content. Does anyone have a suggestion? 
>> The
>> clay itself does not usually crack unless I attempt to dry too fast.

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