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Dear Mel,

I think you are implying I am not a genius here - well I protest! I  
never said I was.

I must say that - I am most impresses with potters generally - they  
nead to have near genius minds at least to confront and solve the  
astounding number of problems we face as potters.

I'm not just talking about what we see here on ClayArt - I have  
attended workshops and demonstrations by many well known potters from  
all over the world and have always come away with something like  

WE are creative even when we are not trying to be.


Quoting mel jacobson via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com>:

> i have been very lucky to have known and interviewed jt abernathy for an
> article i wrote for CM.
> i have an audio tape of him giving me a great lecture on clay, fire,
> making stuff and being inventive.  he is in his 90's and blind.
> for those making big work here is jt's take:
> `i made hundreds of flower pots 7 feet tall. the wheel was in a hole  
> in the floor
> and the wheel head was floor level.  we rolled the pug mill over and pugged
> right onto the wheel head.  the clay was made for the pots.  there is no such
> thing as a broad range clay body...it does not make sense.  the clay is made
> for what you are making with it.  it does not come from a box, it comes from
> a pug mill.  the formula is designed to be used for big pots. `
> `if i was making tea cups i would change the clay recipe.  if i was making
> teapots, i would change the clay.  there is no such thing as one clay
> body for all pots.  people think  ` oh man, cone 6-11, i will use this clay
> from a factory.`  if they think that...they are really stupid.`
> and, his stories went on and on.  he was right about everything.
> his pots did not crack.
> one has to get the big pots off the solid table or batt or whatever.
> you can dry them on most any porous surface...ron used grog to lift
> the pots a fraction off the table.  some use thick newspaper....or screening
> material..  they have to be flat...perfect flat.  some of the new fiber glass
> screen would be great to lift the pot off a surface.  you just have to get a
> bit of air under the pot.
> in japan we made tight paper rolls and made a donut to set the pots on.
> you do not have to be a genius to figure out a method.
> grog, sand, open body...throw evenly and slow dry.
> trim evenly and get the pot in the air.  even if it is just a fraction of
> an inch air can get under the pot.
> same for firing...grog on the shelf will lift that pot a fraction.   
> and, of course
> if the flame hits one side of a platter and not the other....CRACK.
> mel
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