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Mel and Cindy have it covered in their respective posts. I have been going to the Conference since 1970 in Oakland, but intermittently, since one NCECA can do ya for a while, even if you are an extrovert like me. I am getting a bit tired of hearing, "Are you still doing clay?" and can't wait to show up in the 2030's somewhere @ 95, with 75+ years under my Clay belt and some fine recent pots to share.

Yesterday evening, I had a good crowd of around thirty folk at Maryland Hall in Annapolis, where I showed my "A Life in Clay_____ so far, anyway" presentation at the "Connections in Clay" show that John McClure put together. It was good to laud three of the folks that still inspire me(Bob James, Mary Bowron, and Inayoshi Osamu), a small sampling of such folk, but pithy.

Cheers from Eugene, Hank Murrow

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> you go to meet interesting people, see the sites, talk
> to other potters and teachers.
> nceca will have a good program put together for us to read
> soon.  you look for the events and programs that interest you.
> there is always something for all, and everything is not for anyone.
> pick and choose.
> find friends.
> visit the clayart room and meet people face to face.
> don't ever hold back or be shy...step up to the plate.
> we all go home from nceca with at least one great idea
> or project.  finding a new friend is always the best.
> mel
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