[Clayart] Flood water in kiln

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Thu Oct 8 07:15:15 EDT 2015

So sorry to hear about all the flooding in your state.
Hope damage to your other things was not too bad.
I would suggest taking your kiln apart and taking the floor outside to dry
in the sun.
Are you certain water never reached the bottom section of the kiln?
Take bottom section and turn upside down to dry out.
The kiln should be fine after drying.


Bill Schran
wschran at cox.net

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>We've had some bad flooding here in Columbia SC, and my basement flooded
>up to the level of my kiln. The bottom bricks got wet, but I don't think
>that the elements or elect. wiring did. Will the floor of the kiln be ok
>if I just let the bricks dry slowly? Thanks.
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