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> Thanks for posting this David. I love history like this.
> This year I am teaching my elementary students about the history of art - I
> started with the Lascaux cave paintings, we've looked at Sumerian cuneiform
> and Egyptian Hieroglyphics.  The kids suck up history like a sponge - they
> love hearing about how ancient cultures lived and the enjoy seeing what
> they made.
> I had the kids create their own picture writing by making kid versions of
> the Rosetta stone - then I wrote them messages in the picture languages
> they created.  The messages were all silly so the kids laughed a lot as
> they decoded them up at the dry erase board.
> I'm going to show them that ancient fingerprint next week.

Dear John;

Have a look at Google images for Gobekli Tepe, a neolithic site 13,000 years old. ancient wandering people likely built these 'temples' 
to bring their adolescents into an awareness of what it would take to follow the groups and be active participants.

Cheers, Hank

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