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Hi Mel: This country was founded as a Republic. Rome was a Republic/doctor ship but it lasted 500 plus yrs. Democracy's have a time line from jubilation and freedom to abject totalitarion(probably left out a letter) rule, not there yet but they are trying. Roadblock: getting rid of the 2nd Amendment. The American Revolution had the seeds sown when King George refused to send troops to be a buffer between the colonists and the native inhabitants. Told them to arm themselves. They did, then like all dictators tried to disarm them. A disarmed people (think Nazi Germany) are easier to take over. This is always the end game of Democratic rule.

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> On Oct 26, 2015, at 17:42, mel jacobson via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com> wrote:
> for years i lectured students to shoot pix with black and white film
> at important events.  i said  `color pix and slides will be long dead, but
> those prints of you as kids will be alive for years to come`.
> it sure is true.  those color prints are now pink and baby blue.
> will be gone in a few more years.
> no one uses slides..those are being tossed out in record numbers.
> the children of slide takers will heave them out as fast as the
> casket is lowered.
> i digitized about 200 great pix, the rest went into the bin.
> several thousand.
> my only legacy will be pots that will last for many years.
> that makes me smile.  that is why i use a nice clear stamp on
> the bottom of my pots.  no question about the logo or signature.
> those that scratch illegible scribble will never be know in twenty years.
> but, i guess they don't care.
> bruce has the right direction.  much will be lost, but again...most do not care.
> here today, gone tomorrow.  and, as we have seen in the middle east, what is
> sacred to one set of people is dynamited by another.  thousands of years
> of culture...gone in a minute.
> it happens every day....right next door to you.  holidays, who cares?  it is for
> old people.  the re/write of history....every day.  traditions, scoffed at.
> we should all read again...`animal farm`..we all remember laughing at
> russia and provda.  make your own judgement.
> i talked to a dear friend from cuba...he said `do you think the peasants of
> cuba get free health care?`  fantasy.
> so, i do believe that a great deal will be lost, but...it has always been that way.
> a few important events will be kept....but, even those events will be tainted
> and re/written to fill in a new narrative.
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