[Clayart] Glaze has changed its features

Judy Lee via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Tue Oct 27 19:55:37 EDT 2015

I have been using a glaze from Michael Bailey's book Glazes Cone 6.  It is
called GA 23, Satin Matt base.  I use the light green recipe for GA 23, but
have made all three colors (rusty bronze, light blue-green, and light
green).  The book indicates the glaze was developed by Val Cushing and Pam
Fredericks.  Since I use this glaze for many things, including large urns
and platters, I mixed it in a large storage bin and keep it on a moving
dolly to roll it in and out from under my worktable.  Lately it has not been
working like it used to and the color is coming out more gray in places.  I
mix well with a paint mixer each time and a stir stick with each dip, but it
seems to have a 'carbon trap gray' in splotches when fired. I mixed a huge
amount about 12 months ago and am still using it.  Could something be
dissipating/evaporating from the glaze?  I hate to throw out the whole
batch, and don't know if I can add something to bring it back...before I
make a brand new batch.

Recipe for GA 23 Satin Matt, cone 6-7 - by Val Cushing and Pam Fredericks


Neph Syenite           41.8

Gerstley Borate        10.4

EPK Kaolin               12.5

Whiting                   10.4

Lithium carbonate     6.2

Flint or quartz          12.5

Titanium dioxide       6.2



+1.0%-2.0% copper carb for light greet

1.0% cobalt oxide for light blue-green

3.0% red iron oxide for rusty bronze


Advice would be gladly received.


--Judy Lee

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