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Fredrick Paget via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Fri Oct 30 00:44:30 EDT 2015

I have had a great deal of trouble with the new Mac software  “ElCapitan”.
It seems that it needs a lot of memory to run well .  I fixed that with new memory chips increasing the former 2 GB to get it out of using virtual memory. That is when it runs out of RAM memory and it stores memory on the hard disk and that is slow. So you see the ‘beach ball’ symbol for minutes on end.

The end result was I lost all the stored mail and need the URL of the Clayart web site where we can put pictures and etc. 
What I want to do is put the rewritten paper on the web site  if that s OK .

"Sticky image Embossing with ink jet printer  to make Ceramic Decals” 

I am getting old and won’t be around to answer question forever. Just had a potter in Hungary seeking more info on it. I used to have it up on the iMac website but they canceled that.
Fred Paget
Twin Dragon Studio
Mill Valley, CA

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