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Personally, I quit scratching my last name in the clay after trimming,  
and now I use black iron oxide & print my last name after bisque &  
before glazing. Mike Gordon
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> Date: January 1, 2016 10:47:19 AM PST
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> Subject: Seconds
> In reference to what Dannon Rhudy said about your signature being on  
> pieces that are "out there" forever, I tried to send this yesterday  
> and it came out blank like terrance's were. I use yahoo too. So I'm  
> trying to send a fresh message instead of a reply.
> I've always been amazed to watch the buyers at a student sale and the  
> things they loved that I thought were terrible.
> I believe that if you're truly ashamed of a piece, then smash it,  
> otherwise it might find a home.
> On a related note, since my work has come so far since my student  
> days, and am now starting to sell some, I'm thinking I should change  
> my signature to distinguish new work from the lesser quality older  
> stuff.  Have any of  you created a whole new signature for your work?
> S.Cary -
> Make something beautiful every day. (Or at least try to!)
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