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Hi Robert,  you didn't say anything for me to disagree with, including that i may have taken it a bit OTT.

With a world majority seemingly teetering on the razor edged ledge of moral bankruptcy, a preemptive assessment going a bit over the top seems to me to be a good vantage position from which to view our professional commitments.  One can always lower the price or standards easier than raising them after the negotiations start.


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> > There should not be mixed opinions on this issue among hobbyists and
> > professionals alike because at the heart of it is ethics, honesty of/to
> > self and craft, and one's reputation
> David - I think that the real reason there is a difference in opinion is
> because there is a difference in opinion of what constitutes a second.
> For the potter who says that a small blemish in the decorations (the hand
> putting that awfully strong cobalt twitched at a key point) is a second -
> then it makes sense to sell that pot at a diminished price, with no real
> detriment to his ethics. Likewise a potter who considers a pot that is just
> a bit uglier than he would like could sensibly sell it as a second.
> However, the potter who considers everything that isn't structurally
> unsound to be a first is certainly going to be of your opinion.
> And then there is that annoying fact that there is a vast amount of grey in
> between those two extremes. I certainly think your calling into question
> some fine potters' morals on this is a little OTT.
> Robert
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