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Folks cut out and paste mel's post and the great glaze post Snail wrote last week, call Ron and keep it simple.  KISS, KISS! for beginning students, any thing more only massages the instructor's ego and keeps the student in frustrated ignorance.

David Woof...... Da'void of any more to say!

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> i have a suggestion.  test a series of glazes and find a cone 6
> that is durable, does not run and has a nice surface.
> then:  make a large batch, like 40 gallons and use
> it with different colors taken off into 5 gallon pails.
> buy ron's book, have him pick out a good standard glaze for you.
> with new people you do not want a bunch of different glazes.
> just one base glaze.
> then deal it out to them...one whitish, one soft blue green, and one
> brown.  keep changing the color.  don't let them ask for pink, or
> cherry red...you provide the learning curve.  this is never about
> product.  it is learning.  in fact a white and dark brown would be
> just perfect. choice one, or two. or combine.
> i have never figured out why teachers of clay think they have
> to serve up a full meal/18 course glaze pallet.  your clients are
> starving for knowledge.  give them oatmeal.   then, as they
> learn, they can move those glazes into some special colors.
> keep them driving the tricycle not a mercedes.  they earn
> the car.
> mel
> ps, this advice is perfect for many of you.  you are just learning.
> don't confuse the brain.  one base glaze and make it into magic.
> after a couple of years you will be deemed...MFA  `mighty fine amateur.`
> then move on with confidence.  who knows were it will end.
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