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Paul Gerhold wrote:
"What would be interesting is why he wants the piece reproduced in bronze.  Does he doubt the validity or the durability the clay medium?"

What Paul said.  Why cast it in bronze?  I always thought Pete Voulkos took a huge nose-dive in style and integrity in the latter part of his career when some of his huge platters and "stacks" were cast in bronze.  What an affront to those magnificent clay pieces.  Was it just because he knew that clay is fragile and bronze is not, and wanted his work to survive into eternity?  Don't worry Pete, your work will survive into eternity or at least until the next Big Bang. 
- Vince

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> On Jan 15, 2016, at 11:51 AM, mel jacobson via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com> wrote:
> i just got off the phone with a tech question from an old college prof 
> friend.  a very skilled older man, and he does realistic sculpture.  
> he has a scum on his piece when it comes from the kiln.  he has never 
> had it before.
> so.
> simple, he has to fire to cone 6 and slow down his bisque.
> that will do it...and he now knows that there is a lot of crap in 
> clay.
> but, here is the barn burner story.
> not a metaphor.
> he wants one of his clay pieces done in bronze.
> for his family.
> he called a noted foundry in new york.
> talked to an engineer.  they guy said `oh, we can
> do anything digitally.   in fact...why don't you just
> send the model, the woman, we will measure her, and make a life size 
> copy of her and my pal does not have to do a thing.
> $45,000.
> my pals brain blew up.
> he is a very fine sculptor.
> skill to burn.  he just has to
> send the model.  (that is preferred by the foundry.)
> does this story fit anything i have been talking about.
> who needs to spend the time to learn, develop skill, learn 
> anything.????  just send in your idea.
> someone will do it for you.
> send your fabric and sketch to china and they will make a quilt out of 
> it...and sign your name on the quilt to boot.  enter a show a week later.
> become famous overnight.
> i don't know. is integrity of art dead and gone?????
> like a told a guy on the phone that said...`can i have the technique 
> for your black shino tea bowls.????`  i said...`why not send your pots 
> to me, i will glaze them, fire them and write your name on the bottom 
> with a sharpie.` he did not understand what i told him.  did not get it.
> hell, hire someone to do your ph.d. paper.  easy.  or just copy someone else's.
> no big deal...he has been busy.
> mel
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