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Good point that Robert makes, you need a well insulated kiln to fire
consistently to cone 10.
A 2nd layer of insulation or 3² brick are a must for top loaders.
If you can afford it and have the power available, then I would suggest
you look into front loaders, better insulation.


Bill Schran
wschran at cox.net

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>I love my Cone Art!
> Never struggles to get to Cone 10 (which most people don't fire to in an
>electric kiln, admittedly). And I seem to have significantly longer
>life (despite going that high) than many other people report. (Last set of
>elements I did >160 glaze firings to ^10 - with downfiring - and nearly as
>many bisques.) I seem to remember that my elements failed because of a
>glaze accident rather than intrinsic failure as well!
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>> Had not been aware of Tucker's Cone Art electric cone 10 kilns until now
>> and Very impressed. However I'm inexperienced and only beginning To
>> consider purchasing a Kiln. However, I would appreciate Any feedback I
>> get from you experts on which brands
>> Offer the best products.
>> Thanks
>> Ken Chase
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