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> I would wholeheartedly recommend avoiding kilns which require you to pin in the elements for two reasons: (1) it takes a lot longer to replace those elements if you have to carefully remove all the old pins and  then pin in the new - I would guesstimate it takes me at least three times as long; (2) every time you yank out or push in pins you are damaging the brick.  Though this is not critical for the first couple of element replacements, over the life of the kiln the brick becomes seriously degraded. Ultimately replacing lots of crumbling brick becomes 'penny wise/pound foolish' shortening the lifespan of the kiln, so I would suggest avoiding pinned elements if that is an option for you.
> I have used L&L kilns and a ConeArt kiln both of which use no pins and work very well. I have also used Skutt kilns with the pins, and witnessed the damage to the brick.
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