[Clayart] shoulders/epoxy

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Wed Jan 27 08:00:24 EST 2016

i had to wait for four years to get my shoulders done.
my doc kept holding me off.
i did not know why...he would just say...`we will do this later`.

i went in to get a cortisone shot to get me through the
holiday pot throwing...he said...`going to do your shoulders
after christmas...six months apart.`  just like that.
i said.
why now???
he said.  ` we have the new epoxy working like magic...we
can do you now.`

what i did not know was he was concerned about my art.
yes, my art.
just like a violin player...he was concerned and wanted a 100 percent

i guess we do not realize how many musicians have tommy john surgery
and shoulder issues.  in fact that tendon surgery was made for
violinists, not baseball players.

my doc said to me awhile ago.  `bone docs sorta hate repairing
athletes that keep bashing their bodies to bits...then come back
for more.  it never ends...but, folks that do art and music cannot
help but wear out your parts..so, we fix you back up.`
he meant it.
from: minnetonka, mn
new book: http://www.21stcenturykilns.com

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