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> The inspector¹s job is to protect members of their community from poor and
> dangerous workmanship by individuals and contractors.
> If you hire somebody to do work in your home that involves changing or
> adding anything, get a work permit and have the work inspected to be
> certain it was done correctly.
> If it is something like replacing an electrical outlet with the same, then
> a permit is not needed, but if you are anxious about doing something like
> this yourself, be sure you get qualified electrician, licensed, insured
> and bonded.
> Bill
> Bill Schran
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>> Mel's advice on insurance and inspectors is brilliant.
>> While I built a house in Hawaii, carpenter friends told me the local
>> building inspector was very strict. So I carefully followed all of the
>> codes and included the changes that the engineer in the Hawaii planning
>> department made to my house plans.
>> I finally met the inspector when she came out to look at my house. She
>> was extremely nice. After she looked under the house and noted that the
>> floor joists were above code, she barely looked at the rest. She could
>> tell immediately that I was careful about following codes. Her visit was
>> a delight and nothing like I had expected.
>> Sincerely,
>> Arnold Howard
>> Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA
>> ahoward at paragonweb.com / www.paragonweb.com
>>> what they did not know was that the insurance inspector `larry` had been
>>> to my place several times at my invitation to do a simple inspection
>>> of my property. (lunch included) all passed with flying colors.  he also
>>> saw copies
>>> of my books, and research.  he was impressed...so, he will now
>>> call me if he gets kiln questions.   never lie to an inspector.  make
>>> them
>>> friends.  and just like your reaction to a mean dog...`don't show fear
>>> or stupidity`.
>>> mel
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