[Clayart] Propane regulator question.

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We have three  different types of burners ,one set takes 14 at  the regulater the other 7 (raku) ,and yet another set takes 25. .Is it possible to use all these burners from the same tanks . They are in line and now set for the 14 burners.
There is a solid pipe line over to the kiln area where we hook up the burners on hoses.
Presently we get a smaller propane to run the raku burner, which gas it's own regulator set at 7.
The regulator and it's setting is a puzzle.
Opinions needed.
Thank you,

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I noticed your mention of two 200gallon tanks and if I interpret it
correctly you wonder whether you could start a second fire with the
remainder of tank A and switch to tank B during the fire. Others have
mentioned keeping your tank topped up as a best practice. Starting with a
partial tank when lower gas volume is needed and switching to the full tank
when higher pressure is needed makes sense to me as well as topping up the
tank. I think what it comes down to will be the cost of refills. Do you get
a better price per gallon if you do more than one fire or is the cost the
same if you're just topping up? From that you can see which is the better

The way I've heard the pressure variable explained is that it is a function
of the surface area of the liquid. The conversion of liquid to gas happens
at that surface. In a circular section tank the liquid surface is greatest
at the middle and decreases as the liquid level goes below the middle. The
rules change when the liquid level is very low and gas production is
controlled by the decreasing surface area of the portion of the tank which
is conducting the heat needed to boil the liquid.

Seola Creek
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