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Glenn Dair gdair at callanwolde.org
Fri Jul 1 11:38:32 EDT 2016

I've been lurking on this thread, and might have missed it, but haven't seen anyone suggesting that Diana manifold the two tanks, rather than drawing off them separately. That would solve the pressure drop that results from the rapid draw from a single half-filled tank, and would probably give two reliable firings before requiring refill. Marc Ward (Ward Burner Systems) can set you up with the plumbing you need to make that work. Essentially what is happening in your single tank is the fact that evaporation cools liquids, and it takes faster evaporation to maintain pressure in the tank as the liquid level drops. If you have ever noticed a frost line on a grill tank when the tank nears empty, you have seen this at work. Eventually the temperature of the liquid propane drops below its' ability to vaporize. Pressure drop!

When firing propane in a past life, we would see significant pressure drop after sunset, so do pay attention to ambient temperature (not so much of an issue in Summer months). There has been mention of ways that people have found to maintain the temperature of the tank, and one legend about Don Reitz was that he supposedly built fires under his big tank to finish off firings. Not recommended!

Hope this make sense...

Glenn Dair

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