[Clayart] Fwd: a request for a friend/ jpegs of fine pots

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Yes, please send me your list when you can.

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HI Maxine -
I have attached a Word document containing an extensive list of links to 
websites at galleries and museums where there are wonderful images of 
ceramics.  Attachments don't go through to the Clayart list, and it would be 
garbled if I tried to paste it into a Clayart message.  Please pass this on 
to your friend and anyone else you think would be interested.  For anyone on 
Clayart who would like to receive this list, please email me off-list (not 
on Clayart!!!) with your email address and I will send you a copy.  Today I 
am heading up to visit a friend on the Klamath River in Northern California, 
and I do not have any internet access there, so it might be at least a week 
before I respond.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft
Tennessee Tech University
vpitelka at dtccom.net

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