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Dorothy Parshall dorothyp at whidbey.com
Fri Jul 1 18:36:45 EDT 2016

Hmmm... All through this last winter, I had a "resident" red squirrel. It lived upstairs in the sleeping loft and had numerous ways to enter the main floor. It would appear at some point almost every day - up on the back of the sofa with a "Hi! what's up today?" sort of look. I would encourage it gently to go back upstairs. Spring came. A lovely day. Sassy appeared and I moved it in the direction of the front door. I opened the door widely and told Sassy, gently but firmly, "I really want you to go outside." No sign of it since. I almost miss it. Almost. A sooner than later task around here is: "Figure out how to keep that critter outside!!"  

During WWII, squirrel stew was a part of our diet - 4 to make a stew. Father, patient and with a good eye, would sit in the Penn's woods and pop them with his Colt revolver. (He had numerous target shooting medals.) One day, he popped one in old Mr. Palmer's oak tree. It landed right at my -five year old-  feet, literally!  We were glad it did not land on my head!   10 years later, we rescued a couple orphans who had the run of the house until they went out on their own. And fed paper shell almonds to the local population, counting as many as 14 on the front lawn.  The Colt was sold during the war when guns were difficult for ordinary folks to obtain.  Different times. 

Dorothy, now in Ontario

On Jul 1, 2016, at 1:26 PM, Gayle Bair via Clayart wrote:

> HAHAHAHA I somehow missed this thread..... but anyone in my area who loves
> squirrel can come pick up the ones we are catching & relocating.
> They are getting into every bird feeder and when we thwarted them they
> vindictively chewed up our deck!

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