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mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Sun Jul 3 07:59:12 EDT 2016

does anyone think for one moment that i would take a week
of my life, pay my own way and raise almost ten grand to
keep a famous wood kiln going if i did not love the professionals
that fire and teach and help hundreds of folks a year to have a wood
fire experience?  that was four weeks ago.

does anyone think i addressed the last post on wood kilns
to mark hewitt?

committed professional potters that fire with wood are
a gift to our community. 

after traveling to over 80 countries on this earth do you
think i have not seen or understand wood firing?
you not think that joe koons and i did not understand the
chinese wood firing history?  it was the basis of three years
of committed study into hare's fur glaze.  wood kilns.

and, how do we get over the hundreds of posts on squirrels if
i do not start a thread that is making people jump a bit.

amateurs  that think they just just pile bricks and
have a wood kiln are like the folks that want to put on
plays in their barn and will be on broadway in six months.

firing with wood or other alternative fuels is a very serious
business.  it  takes amazing dedication and energy and planning
to do it with even a touch of profit.  the time, and energy eats away
at the profit like fury.  it is a firing with passion and love.  it is not
for the faint of heart.

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