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Uffda. Keep your shirt on. Anyone who doubts your credentials will catch
on, sooner or later. The C.V. in your crusty reposte is a good reminder '

Too many times wood kilns are treated as a magic box that automatically
gives good results* and enthusiasts deflect criticism with "you don't
understand ".

On the other hand people can get passable pots out of gas and electric
kilns by cashing in on other's experience. They avoid the hard knocks of
gaining experience and end up producing pretty but soulless pots. Blinded
by their bright and shiny effects they never see them as the turds they
are. Actually that's an insult, turds at least can be composted but bad
pots are permanent.

A wood kiln will usually expose your inexperience right up front and if you
have"eyes to see" you can get a quick education. (Although when I visited
Cardew's pottery his kiln gave him washtubs of pots to dump over the fence
onto the waste heap.)

Yes wood firing does need to be taken seriously as does any firing
technique you use. When you decide that making this pot "forever" you need
to ask, is it really better than the sum total of what that piece of clay
might have been?

Seola Creek

*I'm still embarrassed by pots I took to Japan 40 years ago thinking they
were hot stuff.
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