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Something to keep in mind here folks, is that when there are people
comparisons lose their validity in a hurry.
Where one group of people get along and function fine and dandy,
others create a mash of things no matter how hard they try.

I was part of the intentional community experiments in the late 60s and
where folks came together to intentionally and with kind and full hearts
attempt to live with and work for each other to create a fine life for each
It soon became clear that there is a reason that humanity
lives in twos all over the planet, and even then we don't get along.

I got to travel to other intentional communities during this time,
including the hog farms, the farm in Tennessee, and other smaller,
less famous ones all over the country, and it was only a very few
that succeeded in that aim.
 the reason was that those individuals
could get along,  and with heartfelt intention, solve the mutual problems
that human beings at this stage of our evolution get into.
 I think that those
folks truly loved and respected the others, a difficult thing the larger
the group gets.

So this applies to wood fire groups as well as any other.

Also, firing a wood kiln correctly takes, like all things, practice. I read
that in
ancient Japan, potters did not always fire their kilns, they hired an
experienced journeyman who roamed from pottery to pottery firing the
kilns.  When your livelihood depends on it, you have to get it right.

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