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Might want to try frit 3110 as a sub for 3134.
Gives good melt and has higher COE, so should craze more.


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>the best glaze i have ever used. ` kurt's white`
>frit 3134/ 100
>silica / 10
>epk /10
>tin or zircopax 10
>needs a bit of bentonite...
>use over a white raku body..it turns pink if you use
>an iron bearing clay.
>i slather on a slip of 25 by 4   silica, epk, feldspar, ball clay.
>fire to melt, hold it in the air for 20 seconds...place in a barrel
>of sawdust or newspaper.  cover.
>wait twenty minutes...magic
>clean well with a brillo and dutch cleanser stuff.
>no need to pay me for this, kurt swiped it from a student
>named takahara.  we have never seen him again.
>(the kid, kurt we found.)
>mel jacobson/master white raku guru and good old fart.
>i make steve branfman shutter with jealousy.
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