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mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
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regional differences are very common in utilities.
there is no sort of average.

so, it is hard to make any judgments unless you
do some simple calculations based on your bill each month.
kwh cost is rather simple to do.
(or, look on utube, there will be a film about it someplace.)

i never calculate, or check mileage on my car.
i have to drive, and i must fire my kilns.  so it is, what it is.

side bar:   the average repair on cars is well over $700 per visit.
(colleen just had a $1400 repair.)  it is back in the shop two days later.)
if your car gets good mileage, but needs ots of repair..you just lost
your advantage.   the theory is:   buy the best car you can afford.
check the repair history of the type you are buying.  if all you look
at is mileage, you may be fooling yourself.   or, if you drive a hundred
miles to work every day.....mileage is a new story.

check the after market costs for repair of volvo and mercedes.
simple parts are like $450.   many very high end mechanics just lift
their eyes and smile when people try to tell them about `mileage`.

my godson bill burgurt is an auto broker.  he sells all brands and
sizes and shapes.  he is a wealth of knowledge.  as he says.
the dealer has about 25 ways to screw you.  and they often use them all.
he has taken me to the denver `huge` auto auction.  it makes the circus 
like a circus.  what an experience.

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