[Clayart] Ball Clay - using it in a glaze?

Dan Saultman design at saultman.com
Tue Jul 5 19:23:26 EDT 2016

Some time back Mel and a few others claimed that they liked to  
substitute half of the EPK in a glaze for Ball clay. (cone 10 is my  
The idea was that the ball clay caused the glaze to fit better and was  
a solution for crazing.

I therefore used ball clay in a few of my glazes as suggested -  
The ball clay was much more refractive and caused glossy glazes to  
bead up like a lichen glaze. Not so good when you are using it for a  
white liner glaze.
I thought that I could trust such a simple substitute since I don't  
have the time to run extensive tests. But alas. Ball clay was not a  
simple and easy substitution.

I am only mentioning this to you so that you may avoid the pratfalls  
of my mistake and trusting ways.
In the end - everything needs to be tested. I ruined a huge bucket of  
glaze thinking it was a minor tweak. Not so.
I also lost a dozen pots that were part of an order.
God, when will I ever learn.


Dan Saultman

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