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Clay and glaze story....... I have been using Soldate 60 for 15 years 
or so and the same glaze for over 40 years, a gift from Viola Frey, who 
decided I was a hopeless case when it came to learning glaze 
calculation, ( R column or something like that ). Anyway... all of a 
sudden Soldate 60 had a slightly different color, a light tan, from 
gray.My glaze started popping off, so I called Laguna and they told me 
that they had started digging at the other end of the pit & it changed 
the color slightly, & if my glaze didn't fit alter it a little. NOT! So 
I used the clay for a completely different approach, the clay threw 
beautifully, too! I've been doing the "different look" for years now, & 
am quite happy, no glaze just oxides & post firing in my Webber BBQ. I 
use a different clay for my glaze work. Funny how things work out. But 
I must mention, I don't support myself on clay dollars. Mike Gordon
On Jul 5, 2016, at 5:14 PM, mel jacobson via Clayart wrote:

> man, that is a tough story.
> i have changed all of my glazes to use
> combination of epk and ball.
> not a single thing has happened...and the fit is much better.
> ( i was having glzes crack off...and i talked to ron roy
> and he suggested the technique.  i used it and passed on
> my results.
> we will have to have ron look at your pots, recipe etc
> and see what he suggests.  he is ten times smarter then me when
> it comes to glaze.  maybe 50 times.
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