[Clayart] wiggle wiggle wiggly wire

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Sat Jul 9 21:55:06 EDT 2016

I always put a foot on all my pots, so no wiggle wire. I found some  
rather thick dental floss & use it to cut off "off the mound: throwing  
it's waxed so it doesn't rot so quickly. Mike Gordon I just  
photographed a cute little spotted fawn scratching his nose after a  
drink of water.
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> Subject: wiggle wiggle wiggly wire
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> How many of you use any form of wiggle wire to cut your pieces off the  
> wheel?
> Do your customers like the texture on the bottoms?
> I have for about 12 years and it seems either they like the bottoms or  
> they turn their noses up. Steve Dalton
> Clear Creek Pottery
> Lake Stevens, WA
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