[Clayart] wiggle wiggle wiggly wire

Hank Murrow hmurrow at efn.org
Sun Jul 10 09:56:27 EDT 2016

On Jul 9, 2016, at 10:08 PM, Robert Harris via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com> wrote:

> From a personal standpoint I would say there are very different types of
> wiggle wires. I have one friend whose wiggle wire has an amplitude of 3/8"
> or so. This in turn means that his bottoms tend to be incredibly thick and
> chunky. I dislike this.
> I have also seen "wiggle wires" that are more similar to the twisted cords
> of Japan, where the amplitude is much smaller and can look very nice. The
> only time this is a problem is when the bottoms are not subsequently
> smoothed (something that is still possible with a wiggly bottom). I hate
> rough bottoms, particularly on mugs.

Good Morning Clayfolk;

My friend and colleague James Laub cuts his mugs off the wheel with a twisted wire and then taps the center-bottom down a fraction and rounds the outer edge over, glazing that rounded edge and setting the mug on a pad of grogged clay, so the mug later sits on a glazed ring with the unglazed portion very slightly depressed. It makes a very handsome solution which I admire. I have one in my hand as I type this am.

Cheers, Hank in Eugene

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