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mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
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there is no question that many historical pots
have been made to perfection...but, pick them up.
look at them....hold them..you will know they are hand made.
come to my home, hold the hamada pot, the kawai, the arakawa
and then the thousand year old japanese bowl.  you can feel the
hands of the maker. 

most potters can even quickly tell if a pot is a fake.
look at the foot ring...read the age.
look at the glaze, read the age.

there are many very subtle things about hand made
craft that makes them `real`.  

and, of course a well crafted art piece is what we look for.
and creative thought.
life is about the subtle things that make us what we are.
if we don't know, well too bad.

a serious crafts person, in any media knows what the signs
are ...like the patina of a piece of gold or silver, worn on human skin
for years.  compare that to a highly polished piece of junk jewelry.
only humans make the great pieces of craft.  it lasts for the ages.
i want to be a part of that attitude.

the attitudes that i have been given are from warren mackenzie, kunio 
hamada.  it is/was a common theme of all three of these marvelous craftsmen.

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