[Clayart] paul, you are correct

Hank Murrow hmurrow at efn.org
Sun Jul 10 20:42:01 EDT 2016

On Jul 10, 2016, at 8:25 AM, mel jacobson via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com> wrote:

> a serious crafts person, in any media knows what the signs
> are ...like the patina of a piece of gold or silver, worn on human skin
> for years.  compare that to a highly polished piece of junk jewelry.
> only humans make the great pieces of craft.  it lasts for the ages.
> i want to be a part of that attitude.
> the attitudes that i have been given are from warren mackenzie, kunio uchida,
> hamada.  it is/was a common theme of all three of these marvelous craftsmen.
> mel

I too got that from Hamada and his son Shinsaku, Cardew, Harry Davis, Jane Heald, Bob James, and David Stannard______ others too, Inayoshi Osamu, John Dix, and Cory Levins(bless him especially!) some unsung, others well known. 

Cheers, Hank

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