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Yes, one of the "relocation facilities" for the internment of Japanese
citizens and immigrants after Pearl Harbor was located near the town of Tule
Lake.  It was in the location of the current airport, and all trace of it
has been eradicated.  But there was another part of the facility.  Along
Hill Road, the main access to Lava Beds National Monument from the north,
there is a group of old buildings very well-preserved.  It is fenced off,
but there is a sign identifying it, and years ago I did some research.  It
was used for a while to house German POWs, but then served to imprison the
interred Japanese who refused to sign the loyalty oath or were otherwise

For anyone traveling the Eastern Sierra Between Lone Pine and Independence
(or willing to make a special trip) I highly recommend a visit to the
partially restored Manzanar Relocation Camp.  They have reconstructed
several of the barracks and one of the guard towers, and it really
underscores that these were concentration camps.  We never stooped to
genocide in this case, but you have to wonder how close we came.  Most of
the Japanese interred were American citizens, and many had sons serving in
the US Military.  In many cases, unless some non-Japanese friend was willing
to safeguard the property and possessions of the interred Japanese, they
lost everything they were unable to bring with them into the camps.  The
internment of the Japanese is such a shameful episode in our history, and
should be taught in all school curricula.  The famous George Santayana quote
cannot be repeated enough - "Those who cannot remember the past are
condemned to repeat it."

The case of "Captain Jack" and the Modocs is another fascinating story.
After a decisive victory over the US Calvary, Captain Jack and his band of
Modocs hid out in the lava caves, including "Captain Jacks's Stronghold,"
one of the caves here in the National Monument.  Captain Jack and his
primary warriors were finally captured, hauled into Red Bluff, and summarily
hung in the town square.  Most of the remaining Modocs were hauled off to
the "Indian Nation" in Oklahoma, an environment about as different as it
could possibly be from their native homeland.

Enough history for now.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft
Tennessee Tech University
vpitelka at dtccom.net   

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We learned about that in school when I was a kid in San Francisco.


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> On Jul 11, 2016, at 7:38 PM, Paul Herman <potterpaul at frontiernet.net>
> Tule Lake,
> Not a good thing at all, nor that which preceded it. Look up gCaptain
Jackfs Stronghold.h Read it and weep. Itfs about the Modoc Indians and
their war with the U.S.
> Not far from where I live here in NE California.
> Paul Herman
> Great Basin Pottery
> Doyle California
> greatbasinpottery.com
> potterpaul at frontiernet.net
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>> Not our finest moment.
>> Robert H
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>>> Vince,
>>> Tule Lake, isn't that one of the places where American Citizens were put
into Concentration Camps during WWII? 
>>> Rick Mahaffey
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