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In Washington state the internment can be a distant event but there are
still connections that surprise you.
Burien, my next to the largest city, has a Strawberry festival in June.
Strawberries are no longer grown here. They went away when the Japanese
American farmers were interned. Many returned here but their farms were
gone. A neighbor recommend the book "Journey to Topaz" (auto-correct
thought I meant"GOP asylum" ?). Her father had been there. The story is a
compilation of several families' stories. What gave me chills is that the
storyline of one of the main characters shares many of the events and
details of her father's internment.
An older couple at church told me how her best friend and her family had
been rounded up at gun point. My friends were shocked that out of what had
been a community some stayed and some were interned depending on being
"whites" or "Japs".
Seola Creek
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