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We had a 24 cu ft Geil downdraft, 6 burners, straight up from underneath
the kiln.
The manufacturer specified the first shelves set on the kiln floor.
Found the best way to get even firing was to make sure the first shelves
up on posts were as high or higher than the height of the flue opening.
The rest of the stacking did not seem to matter as much as that one


Bill Schran
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>I have been wondering about the most efficient stacking scenario for a
>downdraft kiln. I have always stacked shorter items to the bottom and
>taller to the top with a staggering of shelves as much as possible. This
>leaves much more room up top where the heat naturally rises to than the
>bottom. Has anyone tried inverting the stack i.e. tall on bottom and short
>up top?
>Also, I have been firing this kiln for a while (about 30-40 firings)and in
>the same way but for some reason the results are not the same. I am now
>having to fight to keep the kiln evenly heated and get good reduction even
>though I am doing the exact same things at the same times. I either get
>even heat with poor reduction or good reduction with a cone or two
>difference between top and bottom.
>(Firing an ~36 cu ft downdraft with 6 venturi burners pointing up along
>Randall in Atlanta
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