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Now if you are asking for examples of something actually new in the art world you can just get a book and look at  cave drawings and then go to an art museum and compare.  In fact just go to any major art museum and compare any medium over time and if you think it is all the same and no new ideas have appeared over time then of course discussion is pointless.

Note please that saying there are new things and ideas happening constantly in the art world is not the same as saying those ideas have not built on the  past.  That fact applies to art and science, and philosophy and engineering and just about any conceivable area of human endeavor.


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> On Jul 14, 2016, at 5:08 PM, Jim Brown via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com> wrote:
> "The belief that there is nothing new in art and everything is copied from
> others is a self rationalizing justification for those who do not or have
> never created." - Paul
> OK, Paul, how about some examples?
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