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Vince Pitelka vpitelka at dtccom.net
Thu Jul 14 16:39:20 EDT 2016

Terry wrote:
"It has been said that there is no virginity in art.   All most all modern day imagery derives from someone else's culture or tribal beginnings.  If anyone experiences other cultures, they will have this imagery in their tool box of ideas."

Hi Terry - 
I agree completely, but this really has nothing to do with what I wrote.  Being influenced by cultures, imagery, ideas, experiences is inevitable, because we have to take in information and process it in order to produce ideas or create.  When I refer to the misappropriation of cultural imagery/iconography, I am talking about irresponsibly copying stuff that is the original creation of a tribal or third-world culture with no real understanding or appreciation of that culture.  There are no rules governing things that aren't patented or copyrighted, but I just hope that people will have a certain level of respect and common sense.  

I have often repeated a quote from Jazz trumpeter Clark Terry - "Imitate, assimilate, innovate."  We often imitate something as a learning experience, but then hopefully we assimilate the things that have affected us positively, and then originate something new.
- Vince

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