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Agree with everything Tommy says. In particular I would recommend some sort
of multi-stage filtration system so it doesn't get clogged up (preferably
with the first couple of stages easily washable).

In terms of the finest particles size ... as Tommy says get the finest
filter you can. Unfortunately it is the particles under 10 microns in size
that cause silicosis. 1um seems to be the lower limit, although I couldn't
find any good references for this (just the OSHA PDF in the link below)..

More importantly NIOSH regulations stipulate 0.1 mg SiO2/m3 upper limit for
an 8 hour workshift. This number is only applicable to respirable (i.e.
under 10u) amounts of crystalline silica.

Not sure if that helps or not ...

See this OSHA PDF


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> First off you need to determine just how much dust Is actually in the air.
> This will determine what capacity filtration you need. If you have a very
> dusty environment you will need a higher capacity  filter, or you will be
> changing it weekly, or even daily.
> Multi stage filtering will be the way you want to go, removing the larger
> particles with less expensive filters before the air reaches the expensive
> hepa filters. 3 stages is usually sufficient.
> As for filtration size, it would be wise to get the finest that your air
> handler can pull through. The finer the filter the harder the fans have to
> work.
> Tommy Humphries
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> > Hi All,
> >
> > We are getting a new dust collection system for our clay and glaze
> mixing areas, and I have a few questions:
> >
> > I’m compiling a list of materials used and particle sizes to give to the
> engineer.  I’ve been looking at MSDS sheets and Digitalfire’s materials
> database for info, and was wondering if any of our experts have anything to
> add.  The smallest particle size i’ve seen so far is listed as 0.2 micron,
> and I’m wondering if we need to get filters that can filter smaller sizes
> than that?  In order to keep heated and cooled air in the building, they
> want to exhaust the units back into the conditioned space.
> >
> > Any input especially into potential pitfalls we might run into would be
> most welcome.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > jon
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