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Might be worthwhile for someone to clarify just exactly what defines " studio ceramics "  Is it one of a kind, or high prices or made by one person.  Then perhaps we can have a fun discussion about which country in which decade originated " studio ceramics"


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>> i told joe koons one day that in my life, people would say that
>> `hamada is irrelevant` .  the fact is,  that hamada and leach gave us
>> studio ceramics, that would spread to thousands of americans and then the
>> world.  we should all say thank you from time to time.  the world did not
>> start the year you were born. and,  we do not copy hamada and leach, we
>> thank them for
>> the joy of making things from clay.
> This is total rubbish! William Staite-Murray was doing "studio ceramics"
> before Leach set foot back in England. As were a number of other English
> potters (and I am sure there were people in many other countries too).
> Leach hated Staite-Murray because he was selling his pots for high prices
> as "Art", frankly a lot more similar to modern "Studio Pottery" than
> Leach's initial conception of what he wanted to do (functionality being his
> key tenet). Staite-Murray wanted to elevate ceramics to the esteem of
> painting and sculpture, and until Leach started writing his books was far
> more influential in the UK ceramics world than Leach.
> And personally I think, if you read some of the (quite despicable,
> condescending) letters he wrote to Lucie Rie he was responsible for almost
> squelching her talent, let alone all of the crappy faux Japanese pots he
> unleashed on the world due to the obsession with (mis)appropriating
> Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic without the cultural underpinnings. Personally
> I am not going to thanks Leach for anything.
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