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My wife and I are on a cruise off Spain and one of the passengers asked the captain if there is a sextant on the ship.  The captain said yes there was but he didn't think anyone knew how to use it. So much for a gps backup plan.


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> the plastic bag and the hippy `back to earth` push really had a
> big impact in the late 50's/60's. 
> people could set up studios, workshops at home.
> it was the time of the commune.  it was all go.  craft.
> leather, beads, clay, hanging pots with flowers.  the first
> craft fairs.  all rushed to join.  but, it was the time of
> hamada/leach and hand made.
> then the plastic bag hit.  you could have clay at home.
> glazes...and a kiln.  the first electric wheels hit the scene.
> but, the plastic bag was the most important.\
> who were they???  it was a mixed bag.  hippies, serious artists, craftspeople.
> there was not a `one size`.
> i was one of them.  it was exciting.  i was all in.  and, i have said many times...
> the art world was insane. anti art.  pop art, op art, andy and his gang.
> so, i gave up painting and joined pots.
> the only thing was, and it was with some of us, we wanted to learn to do it
> correctly.  we wanted information.  we sought it.  and found it.
> for me it was japan. many found college mfa programs, some ran to
> guru's.  but most just joined,found it hard to do and they quit.
> just like today.  it looks so easy, and it is hard as hell....and many quit.
> and now we have all ready made.  it sure makes it a lot easier.
> it is like the problem with professional pilots.  there is so much automation
> they forget what to do in a disaster.  same for cars.  made for idiots.  safety stuff
> all over...but, you cannot control stupid.
> i love this metaphor, if  you are out in the ocean, and your gps dies...`how do you
> get home`?  YOU MAY WANT A BACK UP.
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